Saturday, 12 April 2014

the mind boggles

a discarded stocking. its partner was in an adjoining space (i assume it was its partner, i didn't check / verify)

who tosses a stocking away in a train station car park? I mean c'mon! sometimes some stuff blows out of the car when you open the door, or a receipt may fall out of your pocket when you're getting something else out. But a stocking? Really!

was it tossed after a moment of passion in a parked car?

was it a hooker removing it after a client had sullied it?

was it a traveller who was weary of them & the attention they attracted?

whoever it was, why didn't you put it in the bin? or take it home, or give it to your lover as a keepsake!

like i say, the mind boggles......

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