Thursday, 7 November 2013

jet washer 2.0

jimmy the jet wash died a few weeks back, wife's dad kindly lent me one until i got a new one. i've been trying to convince myself to get a decent one but they've always been that bit to expensive to say OK. 

one of the interweb forums i read is its packed ram jam full of great advice on techniques, methods & kit. everyone raves about kranzle washers. so i did a boat load of reading about em & was settled on getting one when i had finally convinced myself to get a decent one. 

while we were in welsh wales last week there was a post on said interweb forum about a group buy on a k7 or a k10 for an unturndownable price. and today, almost exactly a week to the day later he's arrived. 

its the kranzle k10/122 or hd10/122 depending on who you ask. i also got a dirtblaster spinny pointy jetty lance for cleaning the flags & footpath

not had a chance to fire it up yet as it didn't arrive til after it had gone dark. but fear not, on satdi we wake at dawn to detail!

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