Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Happy days

I ordered a keyboard that doubles as a hard case for my Nexus, thanks Mr Allen, excellent recommendation :) we're in Wales this week so rather than come home to an annoying we called but you weren't in card I had it delivered to a collect plus place close to the caravan.
1st good work amazon your collet plus service is great, it's the second time I've used it and the second time I've been impressed with it.
2nd great work the two ladies in the booze buster in Abergele you were cheery, friendly & made me smile. I often moan about poor service, but hopefully this shows that I'm just as happy to dish out praise when I get good service.
3rd great work makers of anonymous bluetooth keyboard for sale on Amazon for 20 quid. It's a cracker, just what I needed.
Now onto the moan ;) you knew it was coming!
The keyboard is roughly the same size as a Nexus 10, and comes in a nice slim box. Amazon have decided to put it in a box that's roughly twice the size of the keyboard and about 4" deep. To stop the small keyboard in it's nice small box rattling about in the massive amazon box they've stuffed the box with about 25 feet of brown packing paper. Surely there must be a smaller box you could have put it in?
On the plus side at least I got my money's worth on the postage and packaging :)
3rd picture is weeman and I playing Afterburner Climax (no really, that's what it's called!)

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