Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ofcom / ICO - you've got no balls

Get something done about this shit.

these things are so annoying, almost as annoying as the fact that you idiots (Ofcom / ICO) are doing nothing about it. it stinks of back handers. quote from ICO website

Are these messages illegal?

The messages appear to breach the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations because they are being sent to individuals without prior consent and without identifying the sender. The messages also appear to breach other legislation and codes of practice.
Short answer - no.

What is the ICO doing about this?

We are tackling this problem in three ways:
  1. Working closely with other regulators and industry bodies to try to identify the companies responsible for these messages and put an end to any illegal practices.
  2. Educating and warning the public about the problem to stop people being able to make money from this practice.
  3. Educating organisations about the risks of accepting leads generated through SPAM texts.
short answer - nothing.

I'll give you a plan. 
1 - find out who owns the numbers they are coming from & shut them down. no fucking about with warnings, shut em down.  lock up the directors. 
2 - go through records to find out which thieving companies are selling my information on without my consent, then throw the fucking book at them. same story, no warnings march in stamp your feet on whoever's bollocks are there and lock up the directors. 

I hope that whoever is behind the money behind these messages (remember Ofcom/ICO follow the money. everything else is a smoke screen, focus on the money & nothing else) gets everything they deserve. namely locking up and forced arse fuckings in the showers every day. 

just as bad are the ambulance chasers & accident management companies. cunts, the lot of you.

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