Monday, 27 June 2011

achieving the impossible

I seem to have managed to make weeman look a bit sinister!

we've been to southport today to see the outlaws, its been warm :-) not as sunny as sunny ol atherton though. we mostly played in the garden with bubbles, weeman is loving bubbles at the moment.

we put some seeds in to pots last weekend and as of about 10 mins ago they've still not made a breakthrough, lazy gits. they're getting until wednesday and if they've still not popped up I'm having a root in there with my pointy finger to see what's going on.

while I remember......

what's going on at glasto? U2? pendulum? c'mon surely that's not the best they could manage? the festival has become bigger than the music at it! its all about glasto and screw  who's playing!


great day

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