Tuesday, 12 April 2011

glamping - like camping only in a barn

we went to a camping barn in deepest darkest east lancashire last week. it was the finale of the skills for business thing with work. 

we spent the day mooching about trawden on a treasure hunt, then the evening preparing a meal for each other & the night drinking.

i spent a good portion of the night outside staring at the stars (its pretty much in the middle of nowhere) and taking pictures (no tripod or shutter cable so no star photo's worth posting)

this is the inside of the barn looking up towards the roof, the bit behind the curtain was the sleeping quarters (read : bunk beds) the deer's head on the wall was real

this is the view looking down from the sleeping quarters (again read : bunk beds) the three boxes behind the table contained everything for each course of the meal.

our team made garlic & butter bean nibbles and 2 main courses, first spicy itallian sausage pasta second squash & wallnut risotto with panchetta (both made from scratch in a tiny ass kitchen with shit blunt knives). the others got off lightly starter was a salad & desert was brandy snaps (ready made) with cream cheese & dark chocolate, tirimisu (spelling?) & little fruit tartlets (base already made)

all in all a cracking event.

not really sure if there was any need for the lady to dress up as little bo peep, but it certainly went down well with james & i (good work pink stockings, a bonnet & crook). she was the answer to one of the treasure hunt clues and as you can see the weather was bob on :-)

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