Sunday, 17 April 2011

another sunny day

farmers market first for some supplies.

its getting busier and busier each month. i hope its because we're starting to realise that asda is fine if you must but when you can, you should use places like this for supplies. its all from local growers / farmers / brewers / butchers / cheese makers & cider makers. the meat is awesome. this cumbrian dude makes panchetta, salami's all kinds of meaty treats & tom's cooked meats are the best things you'll eat for miles and miles around bacon - it hits the pan and stays the same size, and tastes like proper bacon.
weeman & grandad chilling on the grass at the market

post box - cleveleys

rocks down by the sea

lots of these little old folk scooters whizzing about the place

rockets on the kiddies fun fair type thing

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