Friday, 29 April 2011


we went here a while back (october 2010), the ones we went to were decent. there are a couple of others but they look a bit lame. so we avoided them......

Sunday, 24 April 2011

truck racing british gp

been to donnington to watch truck racing with hotdoggs today. it kicked ass, not only trucks but pick ups, formula renaults & 5/8th scale rat rods with motorbike engines (legends).
the trucks sound evil under hard acceleration, like satan himself clearing his throat after a night of stella and benson & hedges.


pick ups

formula renault

the big boys


Thursday, 21 April 2011

tree pulveriser

tree goes in, chips come out. simples.

crunch crunch crunch

they came and did our conifers too. well tidy :-) even the massive ones round the side of the house.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

smart board

the training room we use at work has just had a make over. its got a fancy ass interactive white board in it.

its a pretty cool thing, the screen is touch sensitive & the image comes from a short throw projector, you can stand close enough to interact with it without blocking the image. once its up and running you can use it like a monitor, but you can draw on it! brilliant!

smart board blog post on smart board. smart.

with writing on it. smart.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

another sunny day

farmers market first for some supplies.

its getting busier and busier each month. i hope its because we're starting to realise that asda is fine if you must but when you can, you should use places like this for supplies. its all from local growers / farmers / brewers / butchers / cheese makers & cider makers. the meat is awesome. this cumbrian dude makes panchetta, salami's all kinds of meaty treats & tom's cooked meats are the best things you'll eat for miles and miles around bacon - it hits the pan and stays the same size, and tastes like proper bacon.
weeman & grandad chilling on the grass at the market

post box - cleveleys

rocks down by the sea

lots of these little old folk scooters whizzing about the place

rockets on the kiddies fun fair type thing

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Thursday, 14 April 2011

kylie lookin not like the kylie i knew and loved

gone a bit OTT with the botox?

you used to be so hot, now you look a bit like that daft cat woman who took it way too far!

been to hook again

hook is where our head office is. been interviewing peeps for the next skills for business program. not a bad couple of days. hook is a nice place, shame its full of self obsessed fukin southerners who think they're something special.

anywho, stayed at the holiday inn (shite on the outside, not too bad inside) as everywhere else was full. got myself into the room and look what's waiting for me

how do they know i want new explicit movies?

the dirty bastards.

tv had  a playstation built into it. i was well excited then i discovered they wanted £3 to play it for an hour. i suddenly became less excited.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

glamping - like camping only in a barn

we went to a camping barn in deepest darkest east lancashire last week. it was the finale of the skills for business thing with work. 

we spent the day mooching about trawden on a treasure hunt, then the evening preparing a meal for each other & the night drinking.

i spent a good portion of the night outside staring at the stars (its pretty much in the middle of nowhere) and taking pictures (no tripod or shutter cable so no star photo's worth posting)

this is the inside of the barn looking up towards the roof, the bit behind the curtain was the sleeping quarters (read : bunk beds) the deer's head on the wall was real

this is the view looking down from the sleeping quarters (again read : bunk beds) the three boxes behind the table contained everything for each course of the meal.

our team made garlic & butter bean nibbles and 2 main courses, first spicy itallian sausage pasta second squash & wallnut risotto with panchetta (both made from scratch in a tiny ass kitchen with shit blunt knives). the others got off lightly starter was a salad & desert was brandy snaps (ready made) with cream cheese & dark chocolate, tirimisu (spelling?) & little fruit tartlets (base already made)

all in all a cracking event.

not really sure if there was any need for the lady to dress up as little bo peep, but it certainly went down well with james & i (good work pink stockings, a bonnet & crook). she was the answer to one of the treasure hunt clues and as you can see the weather was bob on :-)

Sunday, 10 April 2011


i did try and convince wife that weeman had drawn it, but she was having none of it!

Southport grand prix

we've been to the port to see nickys parents today, with the weather being so nice we've been for a mooch to the park. there was some sort of radio controlled car race going on. weeman & I went on the little train too. good work model engineering folks :-)

purple aki

just flicked onto the wrestling and look who's getting a mention while john ceena & the rock are dirty talking each other.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


gelli-baff stage 1 - after the water has turned into gelli

stage 2 - sprinkle in the water restoring powder

stage 3 - the gelli-baff has turned back into water

weeman = not impressed!

put him in the bath when it was gelli and he went bonkers!

Saturday, 2 April 2011


emily also enjoying the sunshine 

Bouncy castle

I'm laying in the bouncy castle at my parents house, cloud spotting. It's the perfect vantage point. Good work nice weather :-)