Wednesday, 16 March 2011


"the greatest tickets on earth" - this has yet to be established. one thing that i've established is that for anything less crap than the crappest tickets they're expensive.

crappest tickets for the opening / closing ceremonies £20.12 - fair enough
next slightly less crap tickets £150 - WTF! then it shoots up to £995 then £1600 finishing at £2012. and they want the brass in may. and you've gotta pay with a visa card.

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my baby or child?

All spectators who enter a London 2012 venue are required to have a valid ticket, regardless of their age.

so, weeman needs a ticket too, c'mon he's only gonna be 2 and a half, he'll most probably be sat on my or nicky's knee, and or asleep for most of it!

seems like a bit of a moan post this one, and it isn't intended to be, i'm excited about the olympics and hoping to be at some of it. it'll be a good thing to experience. and weeman loves a trip out. 

we've applied for 3 opening ceremony, 3 closing ceremony, 3 BMX & 3 rythmic gymnastics (nicky's choice) with a bit of luck we should get to at least one?

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