Sunday, 27 February 2011

virgin media

virgin media business pay my mortgage, i probably should make that clear. 

i'm happy to admit that working for VMB also means that i get my internet, tv & phone from virgin media at staff price.

its a cracking service. in the 5 years that i've had it its never once missed a beat. sure, the tv box is a bit iffy if you change channels at mindnght ish but aside from that never missed a beat.

im always pleased with my broadband. its always reliable, always fast and always there. and to make things even better they've turned up the broadband to 30 meg! you need a new modem - £35, swap it with the old one, ring em and register it hey presto 31.66Mb/sec down & 3.15Mb/sec up

good work :-)

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