Wednesday, 3 November 2010

shooting real guns in wigan

on monday after work i went to the wigan target sports club with a friend from work. i've shot a shot gun on several occasions but never had the pleasure of doing any proper target shooting. no offence clay pigeon people, but your sport is a bit like hitting a barn door with a banjo ;-)

when we got there steve showed me round the place then we got straight down to the action. we started out shooting a .22 rifle laying down at a 2 spot target 25m away. then we moved upto the 50m range and had a go at .22 sat down at 35m on a 1 spot target, we finished on a .455 at 50m both stood up (hard) and sat down (not as much fun as the .22) the photo above is the 50m range, the tiny black dots all the way at the back are the targets.

i'll snap the rest of my targets and stick em up soon enough, for the world to share. as the man kept on saying "its not about hitting the bull when you first have a go, its all about grouping"

the stood up ones are about as hard as you can get if you ask me, and when you think this target was 50m away from me, i'm pretty please with the results.

real bullets from real guns! - in wigan!

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