Monday, 15 November 2010

piracy rocks

i dont want a triple play pack. i just want a simple blu ray. don't include a digital copy and a DVD copy in a piss poor attempt to justify charging £20 for it. i do not want them and will not buy this because of them.

i will not watch 3 hours of extra shite, i just want to watch the film. i don't want to sit through 30 mins of trailers for films, or a stupid anti piracy message, or a gay ass covering "the views expressed blah blah blah" screen. i just want to put the disk into my player hit close and to be taken to a menu where i can watch the film or watch the film with subtitles.

 i'm not interested in imdb links popping up when i'm trying to watch the film. i just want to watch the film in peace in the highest quality available - hence why i bought a blu ray player. if i want to know more about a part of the film or one of its stars, i'll look on the intenet when i've watched it.

i'm off to download this in glorious 1080p and then watch it without any of the above.

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