Wednesday, 24 November 2010

GT5 at last

I said to nicky that if it did come out today we would be getting a PS3. Well it did come out, so we've now got a PS3!

As ever I've got something to moan about. I went to game to buy it, they just sell games stuff so they'll not fuck it up. I ask the twat, I mean lady who sold it to me "what video connector does it come with?" She spins the box round and says its the coloured wire HD one I say "is it a HD one? Because it says its an euro AV cable, and that's a SCART lead and they're not HD." Yes says twat, its the coloured HD one. "a red green blue component cable?" I say. Yes she says I got one last week and its one of those. So I takes twat at her word, pays my money and takes it home.

Guess what, when I get it home its a fucking SCART lead! Why does everyone let me down at every possible opportunity. No wonder I'm so intolerant. MONG's everywhere.  

It's taken me 20ish mins to register, log in, set up play station network and update its software. Now I'm just settling down for another 20 mins while it installs itself! Aggghhhhh!

God damn this game better be good......

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