Saturday, 6 November 2010


we've been to my parents for some fireworks, a fire and some food tonight. i did my usual trick in going straight outside to get back to my caveman roots.
started tonight's fire oldskool style - fire steel, kindling and a massive cut on my right pointy finger.
despite the rain and wet wood one strike was all it took for the fire to take hold. couple of long blows and we were laughing.
good bit of bbq fireworks food from ma, i made a spicy fruit loaf which went down a storm.
we got through about a dozen pallets, a bed, 2 x scaffold planks, a bucket of logs, half a gardens worth of tree clippings, a christmas tree, several unlit fireworks, a glow stick, a chest of drawers, a bundle of newspapers and several paper plates.

the night may have ended with us firing rockets from a shoulder mounted pipe - which was pretty funny, i may have also sung rocket man at hotdogs......

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